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Dec 16th, '14, 08:56
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What is with the double Kamjoves and other tea gadgets?

by futurebird » Dec 16th, '14, 08:56

I was spending some time on taobao just looking at gadgets when I noticed a horde of new things like this:


A sort of tea kettle and pasta maker? But further inspection revealed that the pot might be for warming cups not cooking food. (which seemed weird to me anyways)


This is another concept that is focused on tea, clearly. A large water water bottle under the table feeds the faucet. Then there is a tea table the variety of tea appliances is seemingly endless!


Wow. I don't know what to call this but the tea appliance.


To be honest I can't talk that much. I have a table with a drain and I'm thinking of getting a small one for work... (What do you think of this guys ? ... tt-bb-zm-h)

I was on taobao since I've always been curious about automatic kettle fillers (I love gadgets...) but I just don't know about letting water sit like that. seems like it might get alge... anyone have experience?

Anyway I thought I'd share some of the fun tea gadgets I found.

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Dec 16th, '14, 10:15
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Re: What is with the double Kamjoves and other tea gadgets?

by MEversbergII » Dec 16th, '14, 10:15

I can't see the other pictures at the office, but that tray looks attractive, even if it is quite small.


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Dec 18th, '14, 10:53
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Re: What is with the double Kamjoves and other tea gadgets?

by kyarazen » Dec 18th, '14, 10:53

They work pretty ok, common in china and had been around for a very longtime. Usually teashops use it, it comes with piped water supply, water drainage to waste, kettle on induction heating, a steamer pot to steam and sterilize cups etc.. A bit elaborate but if u need a onestop solution and can tap into your office's water supply and drainage it may be suitable for u

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