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Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker not using all the water

by Alphajoe » Jan 23rd 15 2:28 am


A few Google searches brought me here, and I am hoping someone might have an answer for me. I have a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker that over the last year or so has progressively used less and less of the water. It is to the point now that when I fill the reservoir, which is about 6 inches deep, the water level will only go down about an inch or so before the maker shuts off. It won't use any more water than that. I now have to keep adding more water to it in increments so that it will run a little longer, otherwise I just get less than an inch of tea in the 3 quart pitcher. My guess is the sensor that detects the water level is failing and it is incorrectly reading the amount of water in the reservoir. I first thought that maybe it was running on some kind of timer system, but if I hit the brew button again it just lights up for a few seconds then the maker turns off again.
Has anyone seen something like this before, and can it be fixed relatively simply without paying the price of a new maker to a repair shop?


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Re: Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker not using all the water

by Evan Draper » Jan 23rd 15 5:48 pm

You could try a descaling solution. Most people here probably make iced tea without using an electrical appliance.