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May 2nd, '15, 08:59
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varieTEA troubleshooting

by Drax » May 2nd, '15, 08:59

Ok, so my varieTEA kettle decided to stop heating water yesterday. Which is really sad, given that the kettle is barely two years old, and I didn't use it at all for 8 months while I was in Afghanistan.

Anyway, the base still lights up and seems to be functioning. But when I select 212 or any other temperature, the number just flashes, which seems to suggest that it thinks the water is already at that temperature. Because of that, the heating element won't turn on.

Any ideas on what I might try to do to get it working again?

In worst case, if I don't care about temperature control but just want it to heat... any way to get around the electronics?

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May 3rd, '15, 13:51
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Re: varieTEA troubleshooting

by pedant » May 3rd, '15, 13:51

if you're feeling adventurous and want to potentially risk your life (or start a fire) if you don't know what you're doing, feel free to UNPLUG THE KETTLE, disassemble it, and post some clear images of its internals. need to see what's going on.

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