Sep 25th, '15, 14:40
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Thermos/Travel Mug Recommendations

by impromptuandy » Sep 25th, '15, 14:40

So, I'm looking for a "travel mug" (is that the official name for these things?) to bring with me throughout the day and drink tea out of. I don't need it to stay hot for particularly long or have a basket or anything. The main thing is to have as little plastic as possible in contact with the water, but looking at what's available this doesn't seem to be a big issue. (I'll probably take the lid off to drink anyway.) Either stainless steel or glass is fine.

I've looked here:

and also DTH has several:

But there are a lot of these things! The Sweethome's recommendation seems nice, but the lid looks like it has several pieces to clean. So, I thought I'd ask if anyone here had one or knew about one that they'd recommend.


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Sep 25th, '15, 15:01
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Re: Thermos/Travel Mug Recommendations

by debunix » Sep 25th, '15, 15:01

My basic Stanley Vacuum Bottle keeps things HOT (people are often startled by how hot it is even after several hours of sitting in the clinic workroom), there is only a plastic lid in contact with the contents, and if you don't like drinking out of the handy cup/lid, you can always bring along a separate cup.

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Sep 25th, '15, 20:23
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Re: Thermos/Travel Mug Recommendations

by FiveStar » Sep 25th, '15, 20:23

I have one of these that I love. It is great for grandpa brewing all day, but it does require frequent top offs all day. Not huge, and requires a steady supply of hot water, but I use mine all day every day and it hasn't broken yet. ... 280ml.html

Sep 27th, '15, 14:04
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Re: Thermos/Travel Mug Recommendations

by impromptuandy » Sep 27th, '15, 14:04

Thanks for the suggestions debunix and FiveStar. The Stanley bottle is just about what I'm looking for I think.

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Sep 27th, '15, 19:29
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Re: Thermos/Travel Mug Recommendations

by Evan Draper » Sep 27th, '15, 19:29

I have long enjoyed my wee 250 mL Sigg metro mug, which slips easily into a pocket, but I see they are moving to a new Thermo line with a squatter profile. At replacement time I'd lean towards the Zojirushi you linked, the likes of which used to be prohibitively expensive.

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