Nov 12th 15 7:41 pm
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Russian Samovar

by ClarG » Nov 12th 15 7:41 pm

Has anyone here ever drank tea or had a Russian tea party/ceremony with a Samovar?

Or if you make black tea at home do you put jam into it like Russian and other Eastern European people do?

There are a lot of Russian, Ukrainian, and Eastern European people near me in Philadelphia, and there are some Russian, Ukranian, and Eastern European tea houses but they are mainly used for large events and while they have a Samovar it would not be that economical to go there with just a few friends just simply to use it.

Nov 13th 15 6:58 am
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Re: Russian Samovar

by Whalebreath » Nov 13th 15 6:58 am

There was an Iranian cafe near me that served Tea made by means of a Samovar it all seemed a tad tedious-an employee always had to serve the drink since they were the only ones who understood the ratio of Tea to water it was a decent product but nothing remarkable.

Now that I think of it there's a Turkish place in Burnaby that has Samovars on display maybe that's how they make Tea but I'm always in company/looking forward to the food so I never paid much attention.

Nov 15th 15 1:08 pm
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Re: Russian Samovar

by Puerlife » Nov 15th 15 1:08 pm

I had to google 'samovar'--I had no idea. Check out this entertaining crash course, and don't miss the jackboot at 3:19. :D