Oct 29th 17 10:13 am
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Teforia fire sale... going out of biz

by NanoCrazed » Oct 29th 17 10:13 am

Fellow tea drinkers -- Teforia is shutting down and offering their remaining inventory of smart tea makers for a steal through Friday, 11/3: $199 rather than $1500


I picked up 2 myself...one for parts / backup. Still intend on brewing the old fashion way with all my yixing pots but hoping to use the teforia for experimenting and learning to dial in for new teas and vintages thereof since you can control every aspect of the brew from temp, to steep time, etc from the app.

Haven't tasted tea brewed by one yet tbh, but the tech geek in me couldn't help myself...thinking of the possibilities. Some reviews rave about it while others are meh, so YMMV.