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Kamjove Kettle sets

by Ludovitche » Jan 24th 19 10:10 am


I'm hoping to talk about kettles, variable temperature maybe (or at least a 'hold temperature' button).
New thread because the ones I found here were old - maybe models are not the same than 5 - 10 years ago ?

Living in Asia, maybe it would make more sense for me to buy a Kamjove than US /European brands :
- Here in Thailand, so far I saw a few Kamjove in specialized online shops, but I haven't seen a single 'Brewista' or similar (well... a few but overpriced and 110V - need 220)
- as a beginner I look for a reasonable price and something very easy to use (no tetsubin, thank you).
- Kamjove has no plastic inside their kettles (right ?)
- Kamjove has spouts that I think allow good pouring
- I like the idea if having a kettle paired with something that cleans my gaiwan and cups with hot water (see links below)

http://www.puerteaonline.com/?product=a ... 5%E0%B8%B4
http://www.puerteaonline.com/?product=v ... 5%E0%B8%B4
http://www.puerteaonline.com/?product=v ... 5%E0%B8%B4

Note that I'm not advertising for this website, I don't know them (only bought a gaiwan from them so far).

So Kamjove... But I don't like some of what I read from old threads, and don't even understand how some models work.
I'll try to ask local vendors but since I don't know (trust) them yet and they don't speak English much, here are some questions in case someone knows more :
- anyone has a model with a 'hold temperature' button, or all models keep reboiling over and over ?
- anyone tried one of the models above, and do they beep loudly ?
- Anyone has an English user manual, or at least a good detailed video (so not the official one) ?
- this little automatic filling water, actually useful ? breaks easily ?
- any other remarks ?