Mar 14th 20 8:45 am
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Inge Nielsen teapot for sale

by sugataishi » Mar 14th 20 8:45 am

Hi tea friends :)
I optimize my tea ware collection. The porcelain gaiwan by Bero is sold. Now it time for:

Inge Nielsen's unglazed (inside and outside), high iron, 90 ml teapot.

Inge is on top of my favorite Europeans potters. The teapot is very well balanced. Super nice to hold and pours extremely fast.

If you wonder why I want to sell it, here is the answer: it was my fist high iron teapot and thanks to it I discovered that I prefer teas more dry and harsh in taste. While this teapot tends to smooth them, too much for me.

The teapot was bought directly from Inge a year ago. Used with hong cha and hei cha.

The price 350 pln + shipping. A lucky buyer will get a 5-6g (one gong fu session) of some very nice tea (some aged sheng or wuyi oolong to choose).