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Feb 9th 13 8:05 am
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Re: Anime that revolves around teaware

by blairswhitaker » Feb 9th 13 8:05 am

so, this is basically how I start every day... eat some "roast cattle flesh" then I chug a large samurai helmet full of matcha. makes me feel alive you know?

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 11.56.40 PM by blairswhitaker, on Flickr

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Feb 6th 14 12:15 pm
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Re: Anime that revolves around teaware

by Drax » Feb 6th 14 12:15 pm

I finally broke down and purchased the book series from Amazon Japan. They're currently on book 17 (and going)!

I also decided to change my avatar (after...5 or 6 years??) to Furuta. I believe this current picture is his expression after one of the warlords blows himself up while strapped to the "Hiragumo teakettle," an item that Furuta had earlier been dreaming (and making crazy faces) about seeing.

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Feb 10th 14 3:47 am
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Re: Anime that revolves around teaware

by MEversbergII » Feb 10th 14 3:47 am

Alright, well, looks like I'll have to check this one out.


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Apr 29th 19 12:07 am
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Re: Anime that revolves around teaware

by Solman636 » Apr 29th 19 12:07 am

Senchamatcha wrote: I just started watching. it's relaxing. and makes me want to make tea. and own a tea hut. some day. when i get a giant house.... i shall have a faux tea room.
If you read The Book of Tea you may find that the tea room like the tea ceremony and the insights in this manga series demonstrate the principles of zen which reflect austerity and freedom from attachment etc. Even the rich Japanese make it a point to create a tea room that appears to be a simplistic hut unadorned except one single piece of art or a flower piece. Desire is the cause of suffering as, no doubt, the aesthete in this manga series will learn as he lusts for more precious teaware, but if all of us here don't relate with that feeling it would be a great surprise. Perhaps wanting less you will find happiness living in a tiny tea room in sublime simplicity and in touch with the tao?