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Jul 21st 08 12:04 am
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by doyoulovedee » Jul 21st 08 12:04 am

joelbct wrote:
Well, as has been mentioned, nearly all of us use a separate device/vessel for boiling the water.


Adagio's UtiliTEA rocks, actually- just plugs in, all stainless steel (no rubber/plastic touching the water, like w/ most electric kettles), and best of all, boils the water in like 1-2 minutes flat. I love the thing, use it every day, and I'm very picky about electronics/appliances/teaware... Gets the Joel-Seal-Of-Approval.
i checked my capresso to find a rubber ring to keep it water tight, now my sad little water kettle feels inferior.

Mar 30th 21 2:35 am
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Clay sandpot

by susansisarran » Mar 30th 21 2:35 am


My name is Susan and I love cooking in clay pots. I just saw 2 beautiful clay pots and am interested in purchasing them to make tea. The seller says they are old but in very good condition. They look like Chinese sandpots, but in the Japanese Kyusu style if that makes sense. Anyone have more info on this? TIA.