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May 30th 17 12:04 am
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Re: NEW! Official Teaware of the Day!

by victoria3 » May 30th 17 12:04 am

Ferg wrote: ... Just experimenting before brewing the '16 side-by-side, as I only have so much of that one left. You'll have to give me advice on setting up for comparison. As in should I be brewing both at the same time in different vessels or according to the same parameters on back-to-back days. I don't think my computer or phone are the appropriate hardware to download the apps. Waiting it out for the iPhone 8 later this year which will allow me to use these.
When I do side by side comparisons I steep in similar pots /gaiwans, use glass pitchers, porcelain or sim. cups. Starting with same steep gr/ml/temp/time and compare. Basically keeping everything the same except the tea itself.