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Dec 10th 13 11:28 pm
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Re: Packaging of shipments

by andrzej bero » Dec 10th 13 11:28 pm

Sorry I did not answer for so long, however, I carefully read all the posts.
Thank you for all the comments , suggestions and tips. I have noticed that generally You do not have special requirements beyond safety delivery of course.
I like that , for example, TeaArt deems interesting Polish newspaper in which I wrap ceramics. I do not know whether I succeed but I always had the idea to steer clear of these pages with obituary :) Ethan rightly pointed out to me that such a package can be checked by customs and have to reckon with the fact that on the way someone will it open and pack . So it has to be very simply like David showed ( my only regret is that they does not , however, put some Japanese newspapers , just to please the eye ) Thanks Paul for warning against the effects of moisture on the paper. I never thought about this . There were also voices (vide Stentor) strongly for the use of new packaging materials and professional (although degradable ) . Once again, thank you very much - I could calmly think and choose (as usual) the middle path (I hope). With some both old and new materials (between my convenience and caring for the environment) - ... 67#p253767