May 8th, '15, 19:44
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Re: Sama Wenge Wood

by thirst » May 8th, '15, 19:44

No use crying over spoilt milk IMHO. I mean…post-purchase, no one benefits from you not using the table.

(Aside from people selling you a new table.)

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May 8th, '15, 20:02
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Re: Sama Wenge Wood

by jayinhk » May 8th, '15, 20:02

That and wenge is pretty toxic...chopping it up and burning it could Cause a pretty bad allergic reaction! Sealed and used as a tea table it's fine. I have a cheap pu erh pick I bought on Taobao that turned out to be wenge, even though it was described as rosewood, and it was about $2!

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