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Aug 21st, '15, 20:44
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Re: How do you choose your teaware?

by debunix » Aug 21st, '15, 20:44

Some of my teaware does meet the dishwasher, but it is dual-purpose ware that also gets used for other food and beverages, pieces explicitly sold as dishwasher safe, and only when used for something besides tea. Otherwise I deal with occasional tea stains with baking soda and lots of rinsing.

I have to be attracted to a piece aesthetically before I'll go the next step of considering the practicality of it. And, can I persuade myself that there is a niche it will fill? (.e.g., will this be the first 90 mL unglazed shibo for use with dark roasted oolongs at the office?) Over time, it gets harder and harder to specify a new niche!

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Aug 22nd, '15, 17:43
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Re: How do you choose your teaware?

by I-330 » Aug 22nd, '15, 17:43

I go through these questions in my mind:

Can I afford it? Do I have space? Is it photogenic? :mrgreen: It's so much fun taking pictures of beautiful teaware.

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