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Re: Umi teasets

by theredbaron » Sep 24th 15 1:26 pm

PolyhymnianMuse wrote:
These same exact items are on DTH, and they are def not less money from them. The tea table I'm looking at DTH wants anywhere from 20-35 dollars more than I've seen elsewhere for the same exact design. The teaware is a few bucks more per piece from DTH as well. I originally was going to order these items from DTH actually, before I started looking around.

Well, it is entirely up to you what you want to buy. I just have difficulties to understand why spending money on ugly mass produced low quality ware when for the same amount of money, or not much more, you can get much nicer things.
Why for example spend lots money money on these tea tables when you can buy for less money a more traditional and functional set up of tea boat and plate from Qing dynasty porcelain ware? Why buy such cheapo gaiwan when you can get OK entry level Yixing pots for 50 to 100 US$?

Mar 7th 16 4:01 pm
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Re: Umi teasets

by Dmacc502 » Mar 7th 16 4:01 pm

I have been trying to get in touch with Umiteasets for over a week. I spent $97.79 on an order, the tray arrived broken and my other two items never came at all. They do not answer their customer service emails or return messages left on the "chat" line. The chat line now is disabled. It took three weeks to get my order, the small print says returns must be made in 7 days. Also it would cost $155.00 to send the tray back to China. I will never order again from them. BEWARE. Thank goodness for buyer protection through Capital One.

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Re: Umi teasets

by Lucid_Om » Apr 1st 16 7:16 am

PolyhymnianMuse wrote:Has anyone ordered from this place? I've seen mixed reviews on steepster, most are over a year ago tho. There are a number of things they have I've been wanting and really good prices. They are offering me a few free items as well because of the amount of stuff I wish to purchase. Just feel a bit weary over a few reviews I've read about poor customer service and receiving broken tea ware.
I got scammed by Umi Teasets as a few others have in the tea community. I ordered two tea pets, but they only sent one and wouldn’t refund the full amount for the other. When I protested to Paypal they just showed that they did ship something and offered a partial refund for the item they NEVER sent! When I again requested the full refund ONLY for the item they never sent I was told that they’d give me a full refund if I sent the other item back AT MY OWN cost! Shipping to China at cheapest cost would be more than either item I paid for. Super sketchy company. Be wary! I wouldn't recommend this company at all!