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Oct 6th 15 8:54 pm
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I need some Chinese translation help...

by djtanng » Oct 6th 15 8:54 pm

Okay, so I know how to shop on Chinese tea web sites who ship to America by using Google Translate. My problem is that what I'm trying to translate is in the form of pictures rather than actual text that I could easily just copy and paste into Google Translate.

There's a Gong Fu tea set that I want on that has 6 variants of tea sets to choose from. I have to type in which set I want to buy in the "message section" of the ordering process. It won't let me copy and paste the Chinese characters that identify the one I want. I want to order the right-side-middle set of the 6 they have displayed (the one with the gaiwan, and dragon designs on the tea table), but I have no way of telling the seller that.

Here's the link to the item I'm trying to order:

(Okay, now won't let me post the link, so just go to and search for "Black poetry porcelain tea set" and it's the first one in the list and sold for $243.23)

If anyone can find this same item elsewhere in a more English friendly way, then please do tell.

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Oct 6th 15 9:44 pm
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Re: I need some Chinese translation help...

by Frisbeehead » Oct 6th 15 9:44 pm

It says "xianglong"

EDIT: Just noticed all the ones on the right say that :P

Google Translate says: Xianglong black poetry Tureen Lian