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Nov 17th, '15, 21:29
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Korin Autumn Charcoal Promotion: 25% Off/日本木炭的打折

by 茶藝-TeaArt08 » Nov 17th, '15, 21:29

Korin has promotions every now and then and I checked their website the other day. For anyone else brewing with charcoal during the chill autumn, Korin has a promotion right now offering 25% off of high-grade Binchotan (both the Kiri-Chumaru and Kiri-Komaru). 33lbs. of charcoal for $74.25.

I ordered a case of the Kiri-Chumaru, as my last case is getting to the bottom, from New York and it usually takes a little over a week by UPS ground to get here to California.



Nice two part presentation on Japanese charcoal:

Cutting this style of charcoal: