Nov 23rd, '15, 11:16
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Tea Stain Remover

by parislexi » Nov 23rd, '15, 11:16

I purchased a packet of a powdery-granular teacup stain remover from one of the tea vendors online but I can't remember the name of it nor from whom I made the purchase. Since then, I moved from Oklahoma to Ohio and remembered that I threw away the empty packet before packing. I think the packaging was green. I shook a small amount in a cup, filled with hot water, waited 20(?) minutes or so while it fizzled (much like Alka Selzer), rinse, washed, rinsed again and that was it.

Has anyone else used a product like this before? If so, what was the name of it?

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Nov 23rd, '15, 12:24
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Re: Tea Stain Remover

by pedant » Nov 23rd, '15, 12:24

i'm not sure what you were using.
it was for removing dark tea stains and not mineral deposits, correct?
if it was for minerals, it might have been citric acid.
vinegar (distilled white vinegar -- acetic acid) works just as well but smells like vinegar temporarily.

for tea stains on something like porcelain or a coffee mug, soaking in dilute bleach solution seems to work well.
i've also heard good things about scrubbing with wet melamine foam ('magic eraser').

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Nov 23rd, '15, 12:35
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Re: Tea Stain Remover

by iGo » Nov 23rd, '15, 12:35

Polident, a denture cleaner, has a green box and is full of fizziness. I think I've used it myself vs. porcelain stains.

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Nov 23rd, '15, 13:41
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Re: Tea Stain Remover

by kuánglóng » Nov 23rd, '15, 13:41

I use simple baking powder for tea stains on porcelain, glass, ....
Moisten a finger or piece of cloth, dip it into the BP and wipe the stains away - works like a charm.

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Nov 23rd, '15, 13:51
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Re: Tea Stain Remover

by wyardley » Nov 23rd, '15, 13:51

For porcelain, I usually just use baking soda and water. I have used (unflavored) denture tablets (which is basically oxygen bleach) for pots or older / more heavily stained porcelain before, though generally do not use at all.

Nov 23rd, '15, 17:12
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Re: Tea Stain Remover

by Chris418 » Nov 23rd, '15, 17:12

What would guys uses for a thick white glaze small chawan?

Nov 24th, '15, 10:23
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Re: Tea Stain Remover

by parislexi » Nov 24th, '15, 10:23

I have been using baking soda to clean tea stains from my tea cups now.

However last year I purchased a 'commercial' teacup stain remover in a packet from a company that also sells tea online but I cannot remember which company. I am seeking the name of that company.

Dec 7th, '15, 15:28
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Re: Tea Stain Remover

by parislexi » Dec 7th, '15, 15:28

THAT'S IT@!!!! Thanks, so much, Psyck!!!! :D :)

I now remember - that is where I bought it: Mandala Tea.
Good stuff - really good stuff.

Really thought that the package was green but now I know that
it wasn't - it's black. Think I was getting the package color mixed
up with some Arbor Tea I also bought around the same time.

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