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Dec 3rd, '15, 07:27
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should or shouldn't?

by larry127 » Dec 3rd, '15, 07:27

Hi there,

I just got a cheap tea set today, bought it because it comes with tea tray and some tools , however it has some kind of paint smell.....if I put my zisha teapot on the tea tray to do tea, will the smell affect my zisha pot ?

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Dec 3rd, '15, 07:58
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Re: should or shouldn't?

by Frisbeehead » Dec 3rd, '15, 07:58

You could put a cloth down and set the pot on that. Is the smell strong?

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Dec 3rd, '15, 09:01
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Re: should or shouldn't?

by Drax » Dec 3rd, '15, 09:01

Give it time to air out, preferably in a well-ventilated area (or outside, if the weather is nice).

If you need to use it in the short term, the cloth method that frisbeehead mentioned should work fine.

If the smell doesn't go away after a week (or at least lessen), then it might be better to find another option.

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Dec 3rd, '15, 21:31
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Re: should or shouldn't?

by jayinhk » Dec 3rd, '15, 21:31

I'd try washing it first too. Hot water, dish soap and a sponge, and then air out. I bet it'll be fine after that.

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