Mar 3rd, '16, 00:07
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Czech teaware alternatives

by Bok » Mar 3rd, '16, 00:07

Just saw this on the Klasek Tea website’s blog: ... tery-pavek

A new young potter whose pieces are not bad looking!
Clearly v e r y inspired (not to say copied) by everyone’s cherished Petr Novak. I can even recognize some special details I have only seen on his pots before. Clay seems to be the same as well.

Looking closely, they are not as refined and balanced as his pots though.
Not a bad start nonetheless. I have my doubts on the geometry and contruction of the side-handle pots, looks difficult to use when completely filled…

Might be worth checking out for the people who miss out on Petr’s pots, but want something similar!

Mar 3rd, '16, 03:02
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Re: Czech teaware alternatives

by .m. » Mar 3rd, '16, 03:02

I've seen those pieces a while ago. They are indeed really beautiful and very tempting. But as you say: the geometry... personally, i'd have try them in person to know if they pour well.

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Mar 5th, '16, 10:09
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Re: Czech teaware alternatives

by FiveStar » Mar 5th, '16, 10:09

I have been mulling over these pots as well. As a potter,I am impressed by the quality of the work and how nicely they are constructed. The size of the spouts makes me think they are going to be mighty slow pours though. Wish I lived closer so returning a pot wouldn't be such a hassle. They look like mighty nice pots!

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