Apr 22nd 16 10:30 am
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Tutorial for handle knot technique?

by Bok » Apr 22nd 16 10:30 am

Dear all,

We are probably all familiar with the reef-knots which are commonly used to tie the lids to the handle of a teapot.
(For all who want to add some on their pots, this tutorial worked well for me and it is really easy! http://puerh-tea.livejournal.com/101478.html)

There is another technique to do that with almost completely cover the handle as well.
I have only seen this one on older pots, one of them gifted to me by my in-laws.

I do not have the pot with me, but I have found a picture of it from an antique pot (sorry the source is small, so the pic is a bit blurry):

Anyone has an idea what this knot is called, or even a tutorial?
Any input is appreciated!

Although I tend to not use those knots on my pots in general, the esthetic of some pots can benefit from it…
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