Nov 4th, '17, 08:33
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Reputable vendors of teaware

by absence » Nov 4th, '17, 08:33

I currently only have glazed teaware, and would like to experiment with unglazed teapots. Both Japanese and Chinese styles are interesting, and they would be for use, not for display or collecting. To my understanding, famous clays like Yixing zhuni and Tokoname shudei have been depleted for a while, and their scarcity has resulted in inflated prices and the inevitable dishonesty that follows. Can you suggest reputable vendors who give you what they promise at a reasonably fair price? I don't mind if they sell teaware from clay mixed with iron granule or "ordinary" red clay, as long as they're honest about it and the price matches. Similarly, it's fine to charge a premium, as long as the clay really is rare and not misrepresented.

By the way, there are already countless articles and forum threads with heated arguments over the merits (or lack thereof) of various clays. Please let's not discuss that here.

Nov 4th, '17, 11:57
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Re: Reputable vendors of teaware

by Teatog » Nov 4th, '17, 11:57

"Reasonably" fair price is subjective. But for authentic excellent clay teapots, I would check Hojotea out. Akira, the owner, is constantly in search of different types of clay in Japan that can enhance the body and aftertaste of a brew. I know for sure that his Shigaraki works wonderfully.

Tea Masters in Taiwan does carry some authentic, modern Zhuni:

Petr Novak in Czech does have some good red clay. His teapots have both form and function as he is also an avid tea drinker. He does have limited release, but I think it's well worth it if you can grab one. Follow the link and the instructions to get into the club. ... -tea-club/

Lastly, any Banko teapot seems to perform very similar to each other and you can get some of them below $100 a pot. It's a very good fire reduction clay. No specific link, just search for Banko kyusu.

Nov 7th, '17, 08:00
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Re: Reputable vendors of teaware

by absence » Nov 7th, '17, 08:00

Thanks! Are they the ones most people use, or are there more?

Nov 11th, '17, 14:27
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Re: Reputable vendors of teaware

by abnyc » Nov 11th, '17, 14:27

In addition to Hojo, Artistic Nippon is great for Japanese ware.

I don't do Yixing myself, but commonly suggested include Essence of Tea, Cha Wang Shop.

Do a search on here for "teaware vendors".

Nov 13th, '17, 17:55
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Re: Reputable vendors of teaware

by absence » Nov 13th, '17, 17:55

What about the ones at Yunnan Sourcing? Are they any good?

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