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Mar 28th, '15, 22:21
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Weird Smelling Shiboridashi

by Se7en8ight » Mar 28th, '15, 22:21

Hi All,

I was hoping to get some advice/insight on a newly acquired Shiboridashi.

As it was new, I decided I would pour some hot water over it and let it soak just to get it rid of any residue or whatever. As I poured out the water I noticed a very very bitter smell... very similar to the smell of Bitter Melon or Kuding. I sniffed the lid and the vessel and sure enough this bitter smell came from there. I soaked it again and again... and that smell is still there. have any of you noticed anything like this before? is it the glaze or the clay? Is this the way japanese clays are?

Also maybe noteworthy is that there are gaps/holes in the glazing where the water is able to penetrate through and wet the clay.

I haven't brewed any Gyokuro in it as I worry it may be harmful to drink. I unfortunately cant go back to the store I bought it from either. I know nothing of the maker except that the artist is from Kyoto... that's all I could pick up from what he was telling me.

Hoping someone has an answer, would be so sad if it ended up being just a display pot.

Thanking you,
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Mar 28th, '15, 22:45
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Re: Weird Smelling Shiboridashi

by Tead Off » Mar 28th, '15, 22:45

The shibo could have been stored in a place that had a very strong smelling substance within it. I've also seen vessels stored in stuffy places that have a mold smell. It's difficult to tell what the problem is. Did you try boiling the pot gently for about 15 minutes? Have you soaked it in a paste of baking soda for 24 hours? These are things that could help, possibly.

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Mar 29th, '15, 05:58
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Re: Weird Smelling Shiboridashi

by Se7en8ight » Mar 29th, '15, 05:58

thanks for the reply TO,

I will give the Baking Soda and boiling thing a try...

78 :)

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