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Feb 21st, '18, 00:27
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Is this a good quality tetsubin?

by Jelopascua » Feb 21st, '18, 00:27

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Feb 22nd, '18, 05:46
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Re: Is this a good quality tetsubin?

by BrianM » Feb 22nd, '18, 05:46

While I’ve never restored a tetsubin, I have restored some cast iron. One thing I’ve found is that superficially you can’t tell how deep the rust goes. You just have to start removing and hope for the best. I have large hands and would most likely never be able to successfully clean the inside, much less remove any significant amount of rust to my satisfaction. Hopefully you won’t have the same problem. What I’m getting around to is this. In my opinion, the thickness of the iron and the depth of the rust are the two most important factors that will determine if you’ll be able to actually use your tetsubin. But overall I say, “well done!” Even if you don’t or can’t use it, you have a cool piece for shelf or table decor. If I’d seen it and known I couldn’t use it, I’d still gotten it for decor. One more note... World Market has a cast iron kettle warmer that almost perfectly matches your new piece. I think they are something like $12.95... somewhere in that range. Inexpensive enough that I got two lol.

Best of luck with the restoring!

Jelopascua wrote: Just got this and don't know if this is anygood. Any help would be appreciated. Holds around 180-220ml

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