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Re: Is this Banko or tokoname? and what tea?

by dancingLeaves » Mar 26th 20 3:02 am

I would say it looks more like banko, than tokoname. There are some tokoname pots out there, which have a nearly purple color (when they use medium reduction firing), but it is usually more brownish, then. Can you compare the brewing performance with a reduction fired tokoname pot? In the end performance is why you are using the pot:D
According to my experience even very strong reduction-fired tokoname pots are reducing adstringency in a different way, then banko does:

tokoname: making the adstringency experience a bit "lower" and more "narrow"
banko: making the adstringency experience more "lower" without that narrowing experience

That is how I would distinct clays and firing, but there are exceptions for sure!^^

I read sometime, that young pu erh can be nice in banko and tried by myself: personally I don´t like it so much, as banko "steals" me too much of the crispness (the same can happen with the top notes of (taiwanese) oolongs. But when you are looking more for the body-sensation and less for sharp top notes, banko could match for you.

I would recommend to do some experiments: use your pot and maybe a gaiwan or porcelain pot (or the pot you are usually using for this particular tea) side by side and check how your banko pot behaves. Anything else tend to be useless generalization as far as it´s about your precious banko (or tokoname?^^) teapot, here!

Have fun!
lopin wrote: Hi. I bought this cute little teapot of ebay, it is old one and was listed like tokoname. But it is violet metalic color, very similar to my old banko kyusu. What do you think? It has metalic high ring and when touched with sweaty hand it leaves almost silver fingerprints on surface.
What tea would you recommend? I originally wanted that for taiwan oolongs but not sure it would brew nice. Will try once i get home. For senchas i am using my old bankos and zuiho ono houhin.