Aug 8th 23 4:17 pm
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Impossible to completely pour out water of kyUsu with stainless steel filter - normal or not?

by HJ00001 » Aug 8th 23 4:17 pm

Hello everyone,

I just bought a Kyusu with a stainless steel mesh for the first time. It looks to be fairly good quality, but it is impossible to completely drain it. It pours very well, but some water clings to the backside of the steel filter (normal behavior I presume) and also to the area between the lower part of the filter and the beginning of the spout it seems. It stays there until I shake the pot. However, no matter how much I shake it, some water remains in the pot.

Here is a video:

Is this normal for a teapot with this type of mesh? Or is it the placement in this specific pot causing it? If so, do the obi-ami strainers (the ones forming a circle all around the teapot's wall) have the same issue?

Thank you!