Sep 13th 23 5:20 am
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Safety of using a kyusu for acidic tisanes like hibiscus?

by snowcat » Sep 13th 23 5:20 am

Hi! I hope this is appropriate to ask here. I understand it's a bit of a ridiculous question :lol: So, I already have an unglazed kyusu that I use for my green teas. However, I want to get a 2nd pot specifically for tisanes like hibiscus and chamomile. Do you think it would be safe to brew i.e. hibiscus tea in an unglazed (or glazed) Tokoname kyusu or Banko pot? Would the acidic nature of hibiscus interact with the clay in any unsafe way and cause leaching of i.e. lead?

I heard some horror story of someone brewing kombucha in (glazed kyusu pots?) and due to the acidic nature, it started leaching a bunch of lead into the tea. Not sure about the details, but such a thing is what I'm concerned about. Not sure if this also pertains to unglazed pots, or if I should get an unglazed or glazed pot for this, in terms of safety.