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Apr 12th 13 9:27 pm
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Re: Official Rikyucha threat

by tingjunkie » Apr 12th 13 9:27 pm

rdl wrote: i understand your sentiments tingjunkie but i think your interest is in the revival of Rikyu's wabi aesthetic rather than following Rikyu's wabi aesthetic.
Absolutely! Not saying one is better than the other, but I do personally feel it takes more heart to let others inspire you to find your own aesthetic, rather than just shelling out money to purchase a copy of someone else's aesthetic. It's the difference between standing on the shoulders of giants, and simply being in awe of the giants.

Apr 13th 13 9:59 pm
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Re: Official Rikyucha threat

by aktng2 » Apr 13th 13 9:59 pm

Thank you all for the reply, they help me greatly. I will buy from rikyucha soon. Just need to balance my budget and eat kraft dinner or dried noodles for a couple of more weeks... :D

I agree that some of their stuffs are quite expensive and I would be very reticent to buy their 500$ chashaku (though I have heard somewhere that this is in fact the most important piece of japanese tea ceremony so depending of the cha practitioner, it may be justified). Anyways, aside from that, some of their stuffs are crazily cheap... and are worth a looking!


Apr 26th 22 2:22 pm
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Re: Official Rikyucha threat

by Endeavour » Apr 26th 22 2:22 pm

I had a very bad experience with Rikyucha . I ordered two tea bowls from them and one arrived cracked. It has a hair line crack on the lip of the bowl (kuchi zukuri) . The parcel box was undamaged, and there was a green box holding the bowl remained undamaged . I then contacted the owner and reflected the issue and notify him this cannot be the shipping mishandling and or caused by them (ups) during transit given the parcel box didn’t damage or dented at all. I requested an exchange since this item was shipped out defective. Shinichi/Sean the rikyucha owner refused the exchange or any damages incurred and insisted the damage caused by ups. The story continues… too long ….. I will write another post. But at the moment I am not being refunded or subject to any exchange . He does not assumed any responsibilities.