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Apr 29th 14 4:54 pm
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Re: Sado Mumyoi Clay

by Alex » Apr 29th 14 4:54 pm

Teaism wrote:
Alex wrote:The Shigaraki is amazing for sencha, but I rate the Nosaka red quite similar a little different but in the right range. Also I don't know if Hojo are ever getting anymore Shigaraki, unless you've heard otherwise?.....its been a long time since the last batch, but its still listed so maybe there's hope!. If I didnt have my siggy i would have gone for Kobiwako with a ball filter. And although its artificially blended I still rate Hokujo clay for a nice even brew of sencha.
Hi Alex,
I am in constant contact with Akira and he told me that the new batch of shigaraki is coming in one to two months' time. So watch that space.

Cheers! :D
That's good news for those waiting. Bet those won't last long!