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Help with chawan discoloration

by Sneaky » Sep 18th, '14, 00:35

Hello there! I'm new to the forum (mostly I just like to read everyone's input on tea/teaware while chilling out.) I'm posting today because I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what is going on with my tea bowl and why the glaze (?) is becoming discolored. I recently bought it from ebay and it was listed as kinsai iro-e. I use it for drinking tea grandpa-style on lazy days, mostly just jasmine green.

After maybe 3-4 uses, I noticed it started to look dirty. I wash the bowl after each use with only hot water so I didn't really know what could possibly have gotten on it. The brown discoloration has gotten much worse and has even survived soaking in boiling hot water. I would really appreciate any advice on cleaning it or if I should abandon it. :( As it is, I'm afraid to drink anything out of it.


Sep 18th, '14, 02:28
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Re: Help with chawan discoloration

by theredbaron » Sep 18th, '14, 02:28

It's a small image, so i can't really see it, but from what i can see is that this bowl has a crackled glaze, which allows tea to seep in through the crackles and changes the color. Which is actually a desired effect. I guess the changes happen so quick as you grandfather the tea, and don't use it for Matcha.

Sep 18th, '14, 02:45
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Re: Help with chawan discoloration

by devilducklings » Sep 18th, '14, 02:45

Perhaps you could try cleaning it with toothpaste and brush (or rough cloth), it works for me, though it may not be able to clean the cracklings.

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Help with chawan discoloration

by Pig Hog » Sep 18th, '14, 03:50

Looks good to me.

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Re: Help with chawan discoloration

by Sneaky » Sep 18th, '14, 16:15

Thanks for the advice, guys! lol I wasn't sure if this was a normal thing, but I'm glad to know it's safe to drink out of it.

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Re: Help with chawan discoloration

by JBaymore » Sep 18th, '14, 17:53

Don't use toothpaste on that overglaze enamel or the luster...... they are not all that hard.



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Re: Help with chawan discoloration

by mganz42 » Sep 18th, '14, 20:36

Yeah, this has happened to me many times with my teaware. I've found that the best solution - although it sounds a little unsophisticated - is melamine foam like the magic eraser. Tea stains come right out!

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by bonescwa » Sep 18th, '14, 20:58

Weird... I like when my stuff gets good stains

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