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Sep 23rd 14 3:11 pm
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Re: Shiboridashi size for one person

by Chip » Sep 23rd 14 3:11 pm

Bef wrote:
Chip wrote: Personal opinion. Hmmm. That is my opinion. :mrgreen:

This type of kyusu is ideal for brewing gyokuro with the lid off and viewing the unfurling leaves. I would likely not recommend it for a first gyokuro brewing vessel as it may not be as versatile as a shib or houhin. I would like to try one but have not.

But I have admired Jinshu's works for years.
Thanks Chip. These Jinshu teapots were almost the only ones that I found that were very small (70-80 ml). I guess that I need to wait either for Shawn's answer or for something new to appear on Artistic Nippon or

BTW, here is a nice video of Jinshu using of of these teapots to brew gyokuro:
thanks for the link. I have to check it out when I have a WiFi connection ... or on a PC.

Sep 25th 14 11:48 pm
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Re: Shiboridashi size for one person

by Bef » Sep 25th 14 11:48 pm

bob wrote: I recently got the shiboridashi you linked as a birthday present. I think it's great for 1-2 person use, I like the mogake design/appearance a lot, it's nicely made, from a known artist and the price is reasonable. I'm using it for gyokuro and I find 100 ml size to be perfect.

I'll try to post a few images later when I get home...
The price is actually *very* cheap. About half the price of a very similar shiboridashi from for same artist on!

Just ordered it, along with a few other items from o-cha and some sencha.