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Oct 27th 14 2:34 pm
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Guidance, or just preference?

by Fuut » Oct 27th 14 2:34 pm


I have this lovely chagama, and i have been looking for a furo for a long time. Especially one that will fit my kettle.

Now I'm interested and wondering whether or not there are some kind of rule or guidance for size compared to the furo? Like should both fit as tight as possible to be more efficiently heated or doesn't it really matter? I think taking both sizes in account i think there would be 1,5 to 2,5 inch spare room. But I'm not exactly sure about the inside measurements.

To end, any rules for the combining of furo & chagama or just personal preference? Thank you in advance.

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Oct 28th 14 3:52 pm
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Re: Guidance, or just preference?

by JBaymore » Oct 28th 14 3:52 pm


I make furo.

From my experience it is a lot about toriawase (the selecting of the chadogu (implements) for a given ceremony. The nature of the furo relative to the nature of the chagama relative to the nature of the other pieces planned to be used.

Some chagama and furo are made as a "pair". In those cases, the aesthetics are matched, as are the thermal characteristics and the way the burn happens.

If you have a tiny diameter chagama ... then the aestehtics alone of the large diameter furo would dictate a "mismatch. And in a huge mismatch case....... it will affect the thermal transfer from the charcoal or the electric heater a bit.

In the case of charcoal... it propbably will also affect the nature of the burn if it is too wide open; too fast a burn due to excess airflow and not a good transfer of heat energy. With electric I'd guess less of an impact on the heating of the water.... but that is an 'educated guess'.

Unless hugely disparate sizes....... more aesthetic than technical. But there is a small technical component too.



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Oct 28th 14 4:24 pm
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Re: Guidance, or just preference?

by Fuut » Oct 28th 14 4:24 pm

Hi John!

I had a feeling you might be one of the few knowledgeable enough about this, considering the ceremonial side and it seemed this topic would move on to the next page in a week or so :o Thank you.

From what i understand, any real chanoyu ceremony would have the option to perhaps have several to choose from and match them with more aesthetic sense than i could. Unfortunately i have to save for a few months for every new item, and with heavy pieces like chagama & furo, the shipping is quite high too, which is too bad:)

What i would love most to ever have is one of those nice square places in the middle of tatami mat, but for now thats not going to happen, and i was looking for a more or less neutral looking furo so i could finally start using my chagama! :mrgreen:

Personally i don't use inches, but i saved the measurements:
Width 10.4, Length 9.0, Height 7.9.

And for the furo i was looking at this one:

And my chagaman, fifth post in one of the best topics ever here :mrgreen: ... e&start=45