Dec 11th 14 1:42 pm
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Identifying black chawan

by gregotea » Dec 11th 14 1:42 pm


here are some pix of a chawan I saw in a shop.
The salesman told me it was not raku because raku was shinyer and lighter.

does anyone have any idea of the name of this technique?
This one was sold 500$...i thought i could find a similar cheaper one having same weight meaning heavy and texture kind of matt.

any idea where to get that and the name of this matt black heavy technique?

manyy thanxxxx
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Dec 11th 14 2:04 pm
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Re: identifying black chawan

by Poseidon » Dec 11th 14 2:04 pm

I would look at etsy. ... ref=market

Also, from a quick search on google I found the etsy shop GuerreroCeramics. He/she(?) has done matte black chawans in the past it seems. I would contact them and see if they can comission a piece for you.

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Dec 11th 14 2:14 pm
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Re: identifying black chawan

by JBaymore » Dec 11th 14 2:14 pm

Looks like maybe it is hikidashiguro (kiln withdrawal black).

The pieces are pulled from the kiln with tongs (usually a wood kiln) at elevated temperatures (like arouind 2300 F) and then allowed to air cool.

Like raku technique, but a more traditional slow up cycle to temperature, vitrifying the body (a bit) and melting the glaze as well. And much higher end point temp.

Also looks WAY small for an actual chawan. At the most "traveler's chawan".