Feb 4th 15 8:00 pm
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My first kyusu please help

by bobovicz » Feb 4th 15 8:00 pm

Hello, I have slowly gotten into sencha and now I started considering some proper teaware, which (although initially quite innocent activity) has now gotten me into quite a frenzy as I spent several days researching various clays and kilns, tokonames and bankos and would now love to buy at least 10 kyusus.
Anyway originally I did not plan to spend that much, and I found e.g. this kyusu
http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/sunw ... em/tk-427/
, which is easthetically pleasing to me and is a tokoname, but then I read that tokoname is mostly artificial and so I am not sure if this one is not too cheap, so I am also thinking about buying somethink with more proven name like Shoryu or Gyokko,
e.g. http://www.yuuki-cha.com/teaware/japane ... ame-teapot
http://www.artisticnippon.com/product/t ... ebark.html

My main question is I want an unglazed kyusu as I believe it has an effect on the tea, but would it be felt in the cheaper or even in the shoryu ones or do I have to pay even more?
http://www.artisticnippon.com/product/t ... amaru.html
Thank you.

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Feb 4th 15 8:20 pm
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Re: my first kyusu please help

by Fuut » Feb 4th 15 8:20 pm

Generally you get what you pay for.

More decorative or by highly rated potters strongly influence the price. Some come with boxes, some come with cloth + stamps. It all depends.

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Feb 4th 15 9:35 pm
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Re: my first kyusu please help

by JRS22 » Feb 4th 15 9:35 pm

Artistic Nippon is a very trustworthy vendor and has tokoname pots for both less and more than the ones you've linked to.

Do you really want such a large pot? There are advantages to the pot not being too much larger than the amount you plan to brew.

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Feb 5th 15 12:08 am
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Re: my first kyusu please help

by debunix » Feb 5th 15 12:08 am

Any of the sources you linked to can provide excellent kyusus, as can many of our Teaware Artisans; I'm currently working on some green tea brewed in a glazed-interior kyusu from Petr Novak because my unglazed kyusu (bought from the Tokoname teapot catalog is still holding a long soaking of some leaves from earlier in the day. I don't know if this Tokoname pot is more or less artificial than the one I purchased from Artistic Nippon, but both are beautiful, practical, and make lovely tea.