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Japanese Niigata Tsuiki Doki , hand hammered copper Teapot

by phillup » Mar 10th, '15, 16:36

Hi TeaChat Members! I am Phillup

Please help me learn more about my tea kettle!

Would you please look at a tea kettle, and/or water kettle I perches off of eBay, tell me any information you would like to share with me? I have spent latterly hundreds of hours on the internet trying to find a site to identify and/or translate the makers marks, before, and after I purchased the item. If you know of such a site please let me know? When I find a person that will talk to me, they seem to seas up when it comes to the questions as to ware it was made, what date it was manufactured, and who made it. I think it might be a Japanese Niigata Tsuiki Doki , hand hammered copper Teapot. It could be Chinese for all I know. I do not care what it is worth. I love it, and will not part with it, for any price. If you have any knowledge that you will share with me about this Teapot.
Thank you for your time! Phillup

The makers marks are on photos 8-9.

Here is a link to the original auction: ... true&rt=nc

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Mar 10th, '15, 17:46
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Re: Japanese Niigata Tsuiki Doki , hand hammered copper Teapot

by Fuut » Mar 10th, '15, 17:46

Looks off for some reason, I'd say Chinese over Japanese ware. The hammered pattern looks quite nice, and generally I'm a fan of the snowflake design, but with arabesque details look weird, and not so great to me.

But then again i know next to nothing :idea:

Mar 11th, '15, 10:32
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Re: Japanese Niigata Tsuiki Doki , hand hammered copper Teapot

by mganz42 » Mar 11th, '15, 10:32

Generally I've mainly seen that shape of kettle used in middle-eastern countries for the mint green tea ritual... and the arabesque patterns look a lot like what I saw at a Tajikistani teahouse once. I would say it's not Japanese or Chinese, and you should look further west. Or perhaps it was made in Japan for the purpose of export to a country in the middle east

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