Mar 19th 15 10:59 pm
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new hagi teacup

by vink » Mar 19th 15 10:59 pm

Hey guys, dumb question here. I just ordered my first seigan tea cup and from what I read they say to soak it in water for 1 night before using. Do I poor water in the tea cup or I soak the whole teacup in water? Sorry I'm french so maybe I don't understand well the meaning of the instructions...

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Mar 19th 15 11:07 pm
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Re: new hagi teacup

by Chip » Mar 19th 15 11:07 pm

One could argue that Seigan hagi is a kind of ... neo hagi versus ultra traditional hagi. In my experience, Seigan cups do not generally require the full scale soaking like more traditional hagi.

Having said that, my normal hagi soak goes something like this. Set cup (s) in a pot of room temperature water, fully covered. Place on stove and bring the temp up gradually to where the water is giving off a decent amount of steam. Turn off, leave the cup in the water til it is again room temp, remove from water and enjoy.

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Mar 20th 15 8:58 pm
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Re: new hagi teacup

by Fuut » Mar 20th 15 8:58 pm

Personally i haven't felt the use to use this kind of treatment with any of my Seigan bowls.. Just treat them with love and handwashes :D