Which type of filter do you prefer?

Direct holes filter.
Sesame filter.
Bulbous shape filter.
Total votes: 8

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Jun 28th, '15, 08:14
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Japanese wares' filter.

by William » Jun 28th, '15, 08:14

Guessed this for a long time, dear teachatters!

So .. Which type of filter do you prefer (and why)?

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Jun 28th, '15, 17:43
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Re: Japanese wares' filter.

by Alex » Jun 28th, '15, 17:43

For me direct.

I like them aesthetically, the fact they are part of the pot rather then a separate piece, and that you can't just dump the tea through them. That and you get 100 percent drain.

Next would be a ball filter. But it's got to have holes that meet the pot wall so it can drain.

3rd place would be a sesame. I don't like these at all any more and won't buy pots with them on.

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Jun 28th, '15, 17:55
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Re: Japanese wares' filter.

by debunix » Jun 28th, '15, 17:55

I have pots that I like that have each type of filter, and have no strong preference.

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Jun 28th, '15, 19:52
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Re: Japanese wares' filter.

by PEARL » Jun 28th, '15, 19:52

For Japanese teas and teaware I prefer a direct wall filter for all of the reasons stated by Alex.
Second would be the sesame filter, but I'd like to see one installed concave in relation to the interior of the pot instead of convex for better draining.
Lastly would be the bulbous golf ball type filter, as stated, if the holes in the filter don't half-moon the wall of the vessel then you have incomplete drainage. Plus, I just don't see why they need to protrude so far into the pot, especially at the speed with which Japanese teas are poured.

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Jun 29th, '15, 14:51
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Re: Japanese wares' filter.

by Chip » Jun 29th, '15, 14:51

I do not have a single preference type. It depends on the Japanese tea I am brewing.

If it is asamushi-like, I prefer direct wall but may use a ball or sesame.

If it is fukamushi-like, I prefer a ball or sesame but may use a direct wall.

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Aug 18th, '15, 15:12
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Re: Japanese wares' filter.

by bryan_drinks_tea » Aug 18th, '15, 15:12

I own one kyusu with a flat filter, one with a 'Golf Ball' filter.

My preference is on the flat filter for Asa, and for fuka, a sasame filter.

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