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Jan 3rd, '17, 15:11
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Teaware artist stamp/sign

by Nirraven » Jan 3rd, '17, 15:11

Hello teachat-forum,

i am totally new in the teaworld and in this forum.
Many of your post helped me a lot to learn something new, thanks for that :D

Now back to topic, i was looking for some kyusu's and i am bit confused when it comes to the stamps from the artist.
I see some teaware from the same artist but with different stamps or some have double stamps.

For example someting from Yuuki-Cha Tachi Masaki:

Both from Tachi Masaki but with different stamps, can someone help me out what the difference means?


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Jan 4th, '17, 00:00
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Re: Teaware artist stamp/sign

by pedant » Jan 4th, '17, 00:00

good question. i'll start by saying that i don't know what i'm talking about -- these are all just observations and assumptions.
the short answer to your question is: i don't know, but i think that it's just the artist being whimsical.

now i'll ramble:
i assume that artists often make a bunch of stamps for fun as time goes on, and there may not be a clear reason as to why sometimes one stamp is used over another.

sometimes stamps are different sizes, so for a small piece with less 'real estate', a smaller (and sometimes simplified) stamp may be used.

as an example, here are couple of stamps from SHIMIZU Ken:

the second one is simplified and shows only 文平 (bunpei).

sometimes an artist will sign by hand instead of using a stamp. sometimes they only do that for special pieces.

here's a set of stamps/signatures for you to peruse:

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Jan 11th, '17, 08:31
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Re: Teaware artist stamp/sign

by Nirraven » Jan 11th, '17, 08:31

Thanks for response, the link is nice!

Seems like ther is not THE answer.

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