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Oldish Tanbaware Teapot Safe to use?

by Aquarama » Jun 22nd, '17, 19:18

I purchased this little teapot because it was cheap and a small size. I am told it's about 30 years old. Is it safe to use? There is no smell to it. There is some glazing(?) in spots on the inside. The seller Fujiyama Gallery said it was safe for use.
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Re: Oldish Tanbaware Teapot Safe to use?

by victoria3 » Jun 22nd, '17, 20:42

I would 1st rinse with very hot water and let it dry in the sun. Your pot looks fine, how does the pot smell? To test effect on water/ tea, boil some water and let it rest inside teapot for +-1hr and taste water. If water tastes fine then you can use it to make tea. If not follow these sets until water comes out tasting good; viewtopic.php?f=87&t=21961

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