Sep 19th, '17, 06:00
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Buying from

by rainmanne » Sep 19th, '17, 06:00

Has anyone got any experience buying from I can see people posting links to teapots from this site but I cannot find a way around the site itself. It's a bit confusing.

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Sep 19th, '17, 07:26
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Re: Buying from

by pedant » Sep 19th, '17, 07:26

here is the full URL

the basic catalog is here

but the higher end pieces (imo the stuff worth looking at) is here

here are the ordering instructions

basically you have to email him with what you want, he'll give you a quote, and then you can pay by paypal if you want.
his address is

note that he very infrequently updates his site, so if there's something you're interested in, you should still email him even if you don't see it on there.

also he has an ebay store that you can look at

good luck

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Sep 19th, '17, 10:46
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Re: Buying from

by debunix » Sep 19th, '17, 10:46

I think I only ordered from them once, but followed the instructions as found on the site & detailed above, and while I did give away one pot, becuase I had not really understood how large it would be, I still regularly use and love the kyusu I described in this post.

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Sep 19th, '17, 15:23
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Re: Buying from

by pedant » Sep 19th, '17, 15:23

i also want to add that the packaging job that guy does is on another level. super protected.

Nov 3rd, '17, 18:43
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Re: Buying from

by Teatog » Nov 3rd, '17, 18:43

Just bought my dream Konishi Yohei teapot from the site. Can't wait.

Like Pedant said above, the Gallery section has the higher end stuff. However, it doesn't have everything they are offering. The link below has all the master potters:

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