Oct 26th, '17, 10:41
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How to prevent clogging after 1st infusion?

by rostost » Oct 26th, '17, 10:41

So this is driving me crazy :? :

After the 1st infusion of Sencha, all following infusions in my Kyusu cause the tea leaves to clog the spout. The water only slowly dribbles out and a lot of water is left inside, causing the leaves to soak up even more. I've tried shaking the Kyusu before and while I pour out the tea, but not to much effect.

It's interesting that I almost never have this issue at the 1st infusion. Also, when I go to a Japanese tea house in my town, even the 3rd and 4th infusion don't tend to clog up their teaware. So I guess it's because of the mesh type of my Kyusu? When I look at the ones in my tea house, I can't really tell the difference: they are also using these fine metal meshes, but something must be different?

I thought about buying a Kyusu with either a very coarse grained mesh, probably not even of metal. I've also seen that there are Kyusus that have a metal mesh all around the inner body, probably they don't clog that easily?

Here is an image of my Kyusu (with a centimeter measure for comparison).
teamesh_small2.jpg (54.16 KiB) Viewed 243 times
Is clogging for these types of meshes a known issue? Is it the type of tea leaves? Am I doing it wrong?

I've also attached a picture of the tea that I am currently drinking. I've heard there are different types of Japanese green tea leaves, some that tend to clog more?
tealeaves_small.jpg (50.4 KiB) Viewed 243 times
I'd be very happy about any advice. Thanks for your thoughts!