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Mar 2nd 19 10:50 am
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Experiences of O-Cha teapots?

by Väinämöinen » Mar 2nd 19 10:50 am

Im new to tea and what I've read, Ive heard some people recommending O-cha teapots for first teapot, so I think it would be helpful to hear experiences. Ofcourse, the price is very low, so they propably wont be high end things, but perhaps better than my glass teapot from Ikea. :lol: Also, does somebody know are these led safe? Im mainly buying one for sencha and gyokuro (my favourites so far!).

This is the one somebody recommended in some topic. Could it be ok to brew gyokuro with like it says despite its capacity (360ml/12oz) or should I buy one from same site with smaller capacity, and if, which? Experiences? :)