Aug 10th 19 9:00 am
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Cast Iron Tea set

by lukasz4691 » Aug 10th 19 9:00 am

I oredered this cast iron tea set
and I have to admit I'm highly impressed by the product and the fact that arrived super quickly (less than a week if my memory doesn't fail me) and in perfect conditions.
Regarding the tea set, I had seen many cast iron teapots before on different shops and I always saw some small imperfections that made me decide not to buy them, so I was a bit afraid about making this online purchase. Nevertheless I have to admit that this is probably one of the best cast iron tea pots i've seen, love the design, weight, shape and mainly the capacity. Holds a nice temperature even for relatively long periods of time.
The matching cups are very delicate as well and have an excellent weight that feels very comfortable on the hand.
Needless to say is that the quality of the water then used to make the tea increses so much using an iron cast teapot.
I have seen teapots of the same or similar quality in shops for at least double the price (and not even including the matching cups).
It's definitely the perfect product for me and absolutely changed the way I can have tea during the day and while working because, as I said before, holds the temperature quite nicely.