Jul 14th 20 1:28 am
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Green tea Idea

by Sandi » Jul 14th 20 1:28 am

Hmmm, so far I have tried 3 types of green tea and realize I dun really like green tea all that much. Just wondering if anyone has tried to turn them into raw puerh? I like some profiles of these teas like the huai gan and creaminess and would like to keep them for longer. Does anyone think its viable? If so what are the steps in small scale DIY just for the fun of it. Might as well make it into an experiment since I dun enjoy it all that much? Not that it's not a nice green tea though.

I wanna try the following:
Roasting it in a wok.
Sundrying in the sun some more
Oven bake it
Steaming and compressing it(not too sure of the steps though)

Its not really my thing but I may also try the following as last resort:
Cold brewing it
Add flowers and other herbs with the green tea

Please any comment is fine. Just wanna know if it is a good idea or not?

Apr 1st 21 10:41 pm
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Re: Green tea Idea

by ShadowCaster » Apr 1st 21 10:41 pm

I am no expert, however, if you have processed green tea, I do not believe that you can turn it into raw puer. First of all, they are probably different tea leaves that puer - the Assamica variety from Yunnan province. Second, processed green tea has stopped the enzyme process completely which is needed to become a raw puer. I do believe that you should experiment with preparation to find something you like with the tea that you have or gift it to someone. Could you mix it with another tea that you are more fond in small doses as to not waste any?

What is it that you do not like? Good luck.