Jun 4th 21 11:08 am
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Using Houhin or Shiboridashi instead of Gaiwan, and best all-purpose Japanese teapot

by Cifer » Jun 4th 21 11:08 am

Hello everyone,

I am currently thinking about which teaware to buy to be able to brew most Chinese and Japanese teas.

Originally I was thinking of a 100 ml gaiwan for Chinese teas and a porcelain or glazed clay (as I don't want to dedicate it to one type of tea) kyusu for Japanese teas.

However, I'm wondering

a) what the difference between an "easy gaiwan" (the ones with a spout) and a shiboridashi/houhin with a similar shape (I've seen many that have a shape similar to a gaiwan) actually is, and if there would be any general disadvantage to using a porcelain or glazed clay houhin of a similar shape over a gaiwan with a spout or a shiboridashi. It seems to be the same thing but with a built-in strainer, so why could it be worse?

b) whether there would be any actual disadvantage to brewing all the Chinese teas in a houhin instead of a gaiwan

c) what the best teaware to brew a variety of Japanese teas would be. As stated above, I assume a porcellain or glazed clay kyusu, but I am not certain.

Thank you!