Jun 1st 22 8:46 pm
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Inexpensive, small porcelain or glazed clay kyusu

by Cifer » Jun 1st 22 8:46 pm

Hello everyone,

first off, here is what I am looking for:

- 100 ml to 180 ml usable volume (so about 130 to 200 max volume), the closer to 100 ml the better

- neutral material which doesn't alter taste or "store" the taste of other teas, so ideally porcelain or glazed clay (tokoname preferred)

- removable/replaceable stainless steel strainer; sasame might be acceptable if the kyusu is nice

- 50 euros max, including shipping, the cheaper the better; if it's sent from outside the EU, 19% import tax should be included in the price

- made in Japan

- ideally sold by a store in the EU

Please let me know of any kyusu which fulfill at least most of my requirements.

Secondly, I have two questions related to my search:

1. I found this ceramic kyusu selling separately for 50 euros which is an option:
Do stainless steel strainers like this one, which are essentially a removable cup strainer placed inside the pot, have a negative effect on the taste compared to steel panorama or spout strainers? I fear they might reduce the space the leaves have to expand, and I also don't know if the leaves mot touching the bottom of the pot would make a difference.

2. Is "chara", the thin layer of clay some clay kusu have and essentially a semi-glaze, nearly as good at making the teapot neutral and not prone to taking on the flavor of teas as a glaze, or would it be closer to an unglazed pot and not good for my purpose?

Thanks a lot!