Oct 24th 11 5:12 am
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Wooden tea boxes for storage?

by quebec » Oct 24th 11 5:12 am


I'm in the market for a storage solution for my small loose tea tins and bags. The vast majority of tea chests available on the market are aimed toward teabag consumers. So... seeing as I'm a fan of re-purposing functional items, particularly those with unique labeling, for decor, I was wondering whether anyone was aware of how I could obtain a wooden tea box used to ship / sell loose tea.

Basically, something like the following. My assumption, of course, is that the box shown in the picture is sufficiently large. Is anyone aware of folks that sell such boxes or is there someone here that would be willing to sell me one they may own?


Of course, I could always purchase any random wooden box or basket to store the tins in, but that wouldn't be nearly as interesting...

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Oct 25th 11 7:17 pm
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Re: Wooden tea boxes for storage?

by teaisme » Oct 25th 11 7:17 pm

The boxes that japanese wares come in are nice and sturdy.
Ebay has a bunch. About $20 for the box itself. You may want to consider buying a nice teaware that comes with the box if your going to spend the $20 for the box. A nice chawan or teapot will be from $45+.