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Feb 17th, '12, 18:22
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Storage and Display Shelving

by joelbct » Feb 17th, '12, 18:22

I have a nook in my new apartment, 27" wide, 25"d 33"h, but that is a difficult niche to fill, most shelves I've found are 30-32 inches wide...

I would try to build something, but being a city slicker here, I have no power tools at the moment.

I was thinking something simple like this, but cannot find one at only 27 inch width... not at home depot, the container store, bed bath and beyond, ikea... nothing fits!


Any suggestions?

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Feb 17th, '12, 19:18
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Re: Storage and Display Shelving

by JRS22 » Feb 17th, '12, 19:18

How about a store that sells unfinished furniture? Most would are prepared to take a standard design and make it in a mon-standard width.

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Feb 17th, '12, 23:47
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Re: Storage and Display Shelving

by Tead Off » Feb 17th, '12, 23:47

If you're thinking of display for teaware, keep in mind that most teaware is small. Wasted space is to be avoided. In Asia, items are displayed in cases such as this Korean made case. They are usually affixed to a wall so there is no danger of falling through the other side. The beauty of wood, either rustic or finely finished is a matter of taste but usually works well with all kinds of teaware.
display case.jpg
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Feb 18th, '12, 00:30
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Re: Storage and Display Shelving

by woozl » Feb 18th, '12, 00:30

I acquired a new case.
As my sweetie keeps me flush :D
Will put up a photo.

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Feb 18th, '12, 09:24
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Re: Storage and Display Shelving

by JBaymore » Feb 18th, '12, 09:24

Maybe find a wood craftsperson and have them make you one.



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