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Jul 1st, '13, 18:27
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Re: How do you display your bowls/cups?

by AdamMY » Jul 1st, '13, 18:27

Evan Draper wrote:
gingkoseto wrote:This is close to the best that I could do :lol: Nobody dares to complain in my house :mrgreen: ... 1372538774
Yummy tinies! Adam, where can I get one of those wee gaiwans you were brewing with in your video!
They are 60ml Gaiwans. One of which is from The Tea Gallery, so I bet you know your chances of getting one of those :? . The other is from Stephane at Teamasters. I like them both equally.

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Aug 22nd, '13, 15:57
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Re: How do you display your bowls/cups?

by NPE » Aug 22nd, '13, 15:57

This is how I used to display my teaware (... ah, well, part of it, that is...)
TAD1.jpg (49.91 KiB) Viewed 332 times
Now this has changed due to this little threat to free-range teaware:
Nu_nog_even_rustig.jpg (99.5 KiB) Viewed 332 times
I guess I will have to make some pictures of the poor newly incarcerated teaware as well :lol:

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Aug 22nd, '13, 16:20
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Re: How do you display your bowls/cups?

by debunix » Aug 22nd, '13, 16:20

A teaware menace indeed.

Miss Emily mostly just sniffs at the teaware, but a few favorite pieces were damaged or destroyed one day when she leaped up to the counter and caught her claws in the towel under the dish drainer, and all in it when down to the floor.

Now I am careful to keep the towel tucked under, have different floors less likely to shatter if things do fall, and peace is restored.

Guardian of the teaware....

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Aug 22nd, '13, 16:29
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Re: How do you display your bowls/cups?

by Chip » Aug 22nd, '13, 16:29

Cute callie, we have her twin here in Pa!

Nice wares NPE, those days of "TeaWare" sitting out and about are looong gone! :mrgreen:

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