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Jan 8th, '13, 15:19
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Bamboo picture frames (or other suggestions)

by Drax » Jan 8th, '13, 15:19

This part of the forum might not be the best place to ask this question, but we shall see... it's more "accessory" oriented. :D

I have a new ukiyoe (hand-made) that I would like to put in a nicer-than-mass-manufactured frame. I was thinking bamboo, and figured that there were many wiser people here on TeaChat who might know of good sources (or maybe other ideas for frames that would be appropriate for this art form). Anybody have any ideas?

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Jan 8th, '13, 15:53
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Re: Bamboo picture frames (or other suggestions)

by brandon » Jan 8th, '13, 15:53

If you go to a shop called MIchaels they will give you a very wide option of wood and glass for a custom framing.

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